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What does “Cloud Computing Functions” mean?

Cloud Computing Functions and traditional computing and technology environments, several functions are essential for creating, designing, implementing, testing, auditing, and maintaining the relevant assets So for more understanding, we will look in this blog the Cloud Computing Functions.

The same is true for cloud computing, with the following key roles representing a sample of the fundamental components and personnel required to operate cloud environments:

What does “Cloud administrator” mean in cloud computing?

This individual is typically responsible for the implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of the cloud within the organization or on behalf of an organization (acting as a third party).

Most notably, this role involves the implementation of policies, permissions, access to resources, and so on.

The cloud administrator works directly with system, network, and cloud storage administrators.

What does “Cloud application architect” mean in cloud computing?

This person is typically responsible for adapting, porting, or deploying an application to a target cloud environment.

The main focus of this role is to work closely and alongside development and other design and implementation resources to ensure that an application’s performance, reliability, and security are all maintained throughout the lifecycle of the application.

This requires continuous assessment, verification, and testing throughout the various phases of both the software and systems development lifecycles

Most architects represent a mix or blend of system administration experience and domain-specific expertise giving insight to the OS, domain, and other Architectural Concepts and Design Requirements Cloud Computing Functions components, while identifying potential reasons the application may be experiencing performance degradation or other negative impacts.

What does “Cloud architect” mean in cloud computing?

This role determines when and how a private cloud meets the policies and needs of an organization’s strategic goals and contractual requirements from a technical perspective.

The cloud architect is also responsible for designing the private cloud, is involved in hybrid cloud deployments and instances, and has a key role in understanding and evaluating technologies, vendors, services, and other skillsets needed to deploy the private cloud or to establish and function the hybrid cloud components.

What does “Cloud data architect” mean in cloud computing?

This individual is similar to the cloud architect.

The data architect’s role is to ensure the various storage types and mechanisms utilized within the cloud environment meet and conform to the relevant SLAs and that the storage components are functioning according to their specified requirements.

What does “Cloud developer” mean in cloud computing?

This person focuses on development for the cloud infrastructure itself. This role can vary from client tools or solutions engagements to systems components.

Although developers can operate independently or as part of a team, regular interactions with cloud administrators and security practitioners are required for debugging, code reviews, and relevant security assessment remediation requirements.

What does “Cloud operator” mean in cloud computing?

This individual is responsible for daily operational tasks and duties that focus on cloud maintenance and monitoring activities.

What does “Cloud service manager” mean in cloud computing?

This person is typically responsible for policy design, business agreement, pricing model, and some elements of the SLA (not necessarily the legal components or amendments that require contractual amendments).

This role works closely with cloud management and customers to reach an agreement and alongside the cloud administrator to implement SLAs and policies on behalf of the customers.

What does “Cloud storage administrator” mean in cloud computing?

This role focuses on the mapping, segregations, bandwidth, and reliability of storage volumes assigned. Additionally, this role may require ensuring that conformance to relevant SLAs continues to be met, working with and alongside network and cloud administrators.

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